The BIG Picture Project!

Okay guys, I decided to develop this page to promote my new idea, The BIG Picture. Basically, in the back of the room, there is a spot on the wall with those words, and the point is for everyone to post pictures that remind you of "the big picture", or what AP English means to you and what it's all about. On this page, post your ideas, I've already posted a few, and when we get back from break, we can all decide the ones we want to put up! Good luck :)

- If that is confusing, just find pictures of things that remind you of English, and post them to this page! We will all discuss our choices when we return

think_big.jpg-Alison :) ( i love snoopy)
external image aa_i_can_read_with_my_eyes_shut.jpg- Jon
external image impression_aufgehende_sonne_hi.jpg-Adam Rexternal image AP%252520Logo.jpgMaurice J.
imgres.jpgEmma Cuacua :)