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  • Here are some daily job check charts that can benifit managers. The way it works is that every day you check to see if the people you are in charge of complete their job. if they do then its a check plus, if they do some of their job then its a check if they dont then its a X. This will not only help you as a manager to become more organized, it will also make Ms.Cohens life allot easier. Your welcome:) -Damian/ AnaMaria

New Jobs:
  • CEO: Sam Bennett
  • Minister of Culture: Damian
  • Technology Manager: AnaMaria
  • Project Manager: Luis
  • Notes Manager: Caleb Cheng
  • Visual Documentarian: Jon Klubak, Colton, Emma, Vamshi Kallem
  • Written Documentarians: Mercedes Schmitt, Rojas, Maurice, Alison Cole, Nathan Mandi
  • Minister of beaurocracy- Cayla

  • Master of attendence- Jessica
  • Designer- Alexis and Briana
  • Secretary-Lois
  • Organizer (Secretary #2)- Adam W.
  • Environmental control- Tyler and Chris
  • Board monitor- Jaylin
  • Wordsmiths - Stephanie Vitek and Roselande Rosius
  • Manager of Standards and Objectives - Adam R.

Post announcements related to individual jobs here:

Written Documentarians

I would suggest that you purchase a small digital tape recorder to record class lectures, discussions, etc. This will help you keep an accurate record if you miss anything while taking notes during class.

1:00- 1:20 -Mercedes
1:20- 1:40 -Nathan
1:40- 2:00 -Maurice
2:00- 2:20 -Alison
2:20- 2:40 -Ryan

From Ms. Cohens wiki:

Written documentarians

People will use the wiki more if there is useful info. there. Start putting notes up! You can use the scanner and/or computers in the classroom.
If more people start using the wiki, we can do a lot of amazing things, like:
--not printing out as much homework (post it on the wiki)
--have live chats (to help with homework, tutoring, random Q & A, etc.)
--learn faster, easier, and better!

Visual documentarians

we need more visuals of what we are learning!
(also see more in the second half of this page)


We have a rhetoric problem. People know about the class wiki, people know about their jobs, and yet, people are not using the wiki or doing their jobs. Come up with a marketing plan! How can you give people information (via visual or written or multimedia rhetoric) and persuade them to do these things?
Also, think about how you can use the wiki to communicate with your Managers and/or whole class.

Minister of Culture

(see above)

Board Monitors

(see above).
And some of you have been putting up some really great quotations. Keep it up!

Technology Managers

Some example wikis to considerScary Spuds: shows how many students can contribute to a larger projectCHS Animal Kingdom: a biology class collaborating on organizing information on living things

Wikis with info on tools and ideas

On Universal Design for Learning, with links and ideas to tools and techniquesA wiki called "Cool Tools for Schools"
A wiki, "by students for students", Digital Literacy at Millis High

More information on using the wikiA collection of posts from eLearning on how to use wikis effectively. The site also has great information and links on creating flash demonstrations, video, and other tech tools.

Using Technology in the Classroom
Here's a good list on "top tools" for the classroom:

A resource list from the Educational Technology Users Group. A lot of helpful ideas and links!

Also, getting more people to use electronic copies of books and essays we read would be another great accomplishment. Here is a post on sites that have free e-books

Technology and Visualization

Sites that have educational videosA list from WikipediaKhan AcademyTED

Sites to visualize stories/conceptsiLearn TechnologyA Periodic Table of VisualizationA page of starter info. on the many ways to use digital cameras in the classroom (I have a digital camera in the classroom; make sure you know how you will upload and share anything you film):