Here is some advice from previous students about how to do well in Ms. Cohens class, enjoy! :D

Advice for group-speech projects: Some tips for presentation:
Essential_Presentation skills: [add creative *visuals, rehearse, be organized ]
-what are we doing exactly?
"For an effective commentary:
  • "stress upon the several literary features, stylistic/rhetorical devices used in the extract and to what effect, rather than simply pointing them out. Weave them into the body of your commentary, not simply as a separate thing you will discuss at the end of your commentary. There could be many. Identify and comment on their integration in the work, their effect on the work as a whole as much as possible.

  • Use of a formal register and precise literary vocabulary is imperative. Don’t ever use slang or informality in your commentary.
  • Show confidence and faith in your commentary to give a feeling to your listener that you strongly believe in what you have commentated on. Put some emotion, opinion, your individuality and beliefs into your commentary. In short, don't be pedantic. By showing genuine interest in the post-commentary discussion–the exchange will be stress free and free flowing.